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Vancouver Photographers in my opinion are very underrated in a global sense. The best Canadian photographers from the west coast naturally gravitate to relocating to vancouver (as east coat professionals migrate to Toronto). Any sane minded pursuer of the arts with any notion of entrepreneurial ambitions soon outgrows their smaller home town to seek greener pastures of a more cosmopolitan city.

Vancouver offers much more in the way of fashion , art and culture than the smaller prairie cities of central and western Canada. The temperate climate allows outdoor shooting all year round. The pleasant mixture of ocean forest and mountains offer endless possibilities for photo locations. Quaint and old style locations like gastown can pass for european settings while the stark and gleaming granite edifices of coal harbor can give more of a modern city feel.


Working as a photographer in Vancouver, one is faced with endless competition. The plus side is that their are many commercial and artistic opportunities is spite of the seemingly flooded market place. As well there are many other like minded colleges to converse and share ideas with. I personally find most photographer in vancouver to be quite friendly and open to sharing techniques and opinions on the industry.











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