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The Following information of for actors considering updating their headshots or actors with little to no experience taking acting head shots.

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Actor Headshots

To properly appreciate the importance placed on the quality of your actor head shot, one must first put themselves in the position of the casting agent. A typical casting agent will go through hundreds of actor head shots in a day trying to connect potential actors with roles. If your Headshot is anything less than spectacular you can be sure your photo will be passed over. Your photo should be an accurate representation of yourself while revealing a depth, screen presence and ability to act.

There are many actor headshot photographers in Vancouver. Some are notably better and more experienced than others. When choosing a photographer consider technical skill, comfort level and experience. Certainly you can find a pathetically cheap head shot photographer but is it the right choice? Your photo is your calling card and in most cases your first contact with an agent. Quality headshots are an investment and will pay for themselves quite quickly. Not all photographers are equal and one should judge the investment by the quality work and ability to create a photo that represents you in the fullest.

Posing for Actors:

The key purpose of any actor headshot is to leave a powerful and memorable impression, while appealing to both the agents and film casting directors.

An actor must sell themselves as a desirable asset to a film.

Eye Control:

Bring the viewer into the photo by penetrating the camera lens with your eyes. The actor must glow with an electrifying intensity that dazzles the viewer and stirs the soul.

• remove all doubt in your eyes and eyebrows
• relax your shoulders
• release the tension in you jaw
• let the eyes sparkle with warmth and intensity


Catering to a role:


With my photo sessions I find it beneficial to achieve a few different emotions and roles. If an actor is versatile enough in a variety of aspects pertaining to portraying convincing role, this greatly increases the desirability to film casters and directors. It is essential to have a variety of different photos to display the versatility and suitability of an actor in many different roles.







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