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Modeling Careers in Vancouver

Modeling careers in Vancouver are attainable. The modeling market in Vancouver is somewhat softer than Toronto or Montreal yet it does provide potential for commercial and fashion modeling. Many successful models sign on to a major agency and travel abroad to pursue the large fashion jobs. When providing photos for submission many agencies will require a sizable modeling portfolio and others will request just a simple photo. Even if the Agency requests a simple photo it is always best to provide a professional photo. Professional modeling photos reveal the best assets and features of a model.

When pursuing a modeling agency in Vancouver be sure to present yourself in a professional and pleasing manner. The agency will be assessing not only your outer beauty but your ability to work well with others and how you carry yourself in a professional manner. Make sure to not be punctual for any appointments. Exude a confident and positive attitude and try not be negative or discouraged when talking about the possibility of completing extreme type jobs (outdoor, building top, underwater etc) . Certainly show a desire to learn and excel in your modeling career. Agents know that you may not have extensive experience to start but show that you wish to learn and become magnificent in your development with your relationship with the camera.

Things to know about being a professional Model:

Selling: Your main job and purpose as a professional model is to sell a product (clothing , jewelry, a lifestyle etc.) Familiarize yourself with product / clothing line. Keep in good communication with the art director and model and aspire to enhance and reveal the overall theme of the photo shoot.

Acting: Modeling is acting. At all times a model is convincing the viewer of something. They can convince the audience that a particular product is excellent and desirable, or can create a mood and tone to an image.

Attitude is very important: There is no point in trying to act like a super diva if you are not already famous. Photographers, art directors and casting agents take notice of every aspect of a model. Both good news and bad news travel fast. Make sure you are seen as a willing and enthusiastic model at all times, it will do wonders for your career.

Opportunity Knocks:
Being active in the arts and media scene in Vancouver is an excellent way to be seen by art directors, casting agents and professional photographers.

Diet: Eating healthy foods and regular exercise will enhance a model's natural beauty. Certain foods will help to foster healthy skin rejuvenation and give an overall glow to the countenance.

Rest: Beauty is needed especially before big shoot. Being fully rested is also a great way to ensure that you are enthusiastic for the photoshoot.

Money Management: It is best save most of the money from your first few large paid modeling jobs. This way in stead of partying it away your initial earning you can save it to travel to Milan and New York to pursue additional international opportunities.

Modeling Options

In considering the different types of modeling projects, there are many different ways to make a living. Different geographical regions favor different types of models. Vancouver's

Here are some different sub genre's you may fit into.
• High Fashion
• Runway
• Editorial
• Beauty
• Lifestyle
• Catalog
• Plus Size
• Commercial
• Corporate
• Swimsuit
• Lingerie
• Maxim


Model Portfolio Development

The standard model portfolio sizes are 8x10 , 8x12, 9x12 and 11x14
Model Agency Submission Photos
When submitting photos to a model agency for a model search or agency casting call be sure to hire a professional photographer with extensive modeling photo experience.
When constructing portfolio, consider your best assets and which styles you could imagine yourself in.


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