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Professional Photographer Tom Hawkins based in Vancouver Canada specializes in commercial advertising for fashion, beauty, and portrait Photography.

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Tom Hawkins competes with many excellent vancouver photographers and continues to excel in his field. Vancouver is many times overlooked as a great resource for photographic talent. Excellent climate and diverse landscapes offer great opportunities for a wide range of themes as well being the largest city in western Canada. Many of the "farm team" hot shot photographers graduate from smaller municipalities to the more competitive and alluring market of British Columbia's largest city. Although not as strong as Toronto, Vancouver's modeling industry is continually growing as the rich and diverse ethnicity and cultures mix together to provide and amazingly beautiful population. Both Acting and Modeling careers flourish in the volatile and every growing commercial and film industry that has been steadily expanding over the past 15 years. The ambitious and bold photographic entrepreneurs provide photo sessions for the quenchless thirst for many would-be models and actors in constant need of headshots and portfolios.As well, the commercial and advertising sectors are well established. This provides ample business opportunities for the best photographers in vancouver.

Key aspects that would separate Tom Hawkins from other top Canadian photographers would be:

(1) Skill: intense technical skill and knowledge.

(2) Creativity:The artistic vision of a photographer is their most important asset. The ability to create ever unique and rich photographs is essential to the longevity and success.

(3) Experience: well over 2500 photo shoots.

(4) Personality; Tom Hawkins is not creepy. (we've all heard the horror stories about those misguided souls that give a bad name to the profession), he has a lighthearted and likable personality that people warm up to instantly.

this website also offers tips to the intermediate to novice photographer aspiring to be proficient in modeling and fashion style photography

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To be successful in the fashion business one must have a great appreciation and understanding of human relations. After all it is the rapport and level of ease that a photographer puts his or her subject that will ultimately determine the expression and tone of the final photograph.

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